An extra card?

Hi is it possible to have two cards for one account? It would be useful for my husband to have a card.



:R: accounts can have up to 2 physical debit cards paired at the current moment.


You’re now able to have 3 physical cards!


But will I pay a fee for each new card?

In basic plan, yes. That’s what you can find in the T&Cs.

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I am an old customer. I have a Visa, Mastercard (both useful for travelling), and I also have a metal Mastercard for when I want to show off. :grimacing:

Well actually I hardly use the metal card, lovely as it is, because I think it makes me look like a idiot lol.

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I’ve ordered a second card for my wife to use. If she wants the app on her phone shousl she set it up as “me” or create an account for her? We want to use the same Revolut account.

But can the cards have different names on them? 1st: Mr Smith. 2nd: Mrs Smith

I don’t believe this is allowed under Revolut ToS and it may invalidate any chargeback claim you have due to fraud (if they arise) as you wouldn’t have taken reasonable steps to protect your card.

It may also trigger the location based security for the second card to be declined, but I’m not too sure if you’re going to have her log in on her own phone.

In this case, you. She should be using her own account though.

Revolut does not offer joint accounts.

Revolut doesn’t allow for this type of use currently, so they don’t.

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Oh, OK. I’ve ordered a spare card for myself then.

Still trying to get the hang of Revolut, but it looks very useful so far.

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I’ve 3 card: a Metal for me, and two for my son (15 years old, he can’t open an account 'cause is not “adult”) and another for my mom, 75 and widow. Works like a charm, I’ve set all the limits - especially for the one I gave to my son, I wouldn’t want it to break loose in clothing’s stores - the same for Uber, Taxi and Online Games like Apple Store and Playstation Network.

I’m in love with Revolut :heart:, and definitively dropping N26!

That will work fine as long as you’re not travelling to a country where they will ask for ID that matches your card when you make a purchase. Issues occur when you travel to places with older tech and security checks. This is why I opened joint accounts with Starling.

Well, disclosing card details like the PIN to a 3rd party is not in line with the T&Cs. Even if it’s the spouse or kid. This might not be relevant under normal circumstances but could cause some headaches in cases of fraud/dispute.

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Hi there, i have multiple cards and I’m struggling to put money on my dads card

With Revolut, all your cards are connected to the same account. With Revolut, you’re always putting money in someone’s account, never on a card. (Your dad should have his own account with his own card. Or cards.)