Amazon, eBay & beyond? What’s your favorite one-stop online shop? 🛍️

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Today, we bring you the shopper’s dilemma. We’re going to take a journey through the land of ecommerce and figure out where our members prefer to shop.

Do you gravitate towards Amazon’s endless aisles or lean towards eBay’s treasure trove of unique finds or do you have any other in your mind?

Who do you believe provides the best shopping experience? Or the most diverse products? Most importantly, who do you believe has the deals and discounts? :money_with_wings:

We want to hear your opinions! Here’s your chance to be a shopping guide for your fellow Revolut community members.

Let’s unravel the shopping dilemma together! Pick your winner and tell us why in the comments.:point_down:

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Veda | Community team


I tend towards Amazon (.fr in my case).
If I use eBay (rarely), I will only use a virtual singe use card to pay since I feel you cannot be absolutely certain about the merchant nor who you are actually dealing with.
My last purchase from eBay went bad - the goods were absolute rubbish and the merchant wouldn’t engage with discussions about a refund but on the other hand, I have returned stuff to Amazon France who have always refunded my purchase cheerfully and promptly and even paid the return delivery costs.
Amazon therefore gets my vote every time :ballot_box_with_check:


I’m using for price comparison and then buy from whichever shop has the best price.

Amazon held an advantage for a while with their delivery. Especially lockers and pickup points which are way more convenient for me than home delivery. Now more delivery companies are catching up, and why wouldn’t they it’s cheaper for them. I’m kinda surprised at how inert some delivery companies are.

Of course, amazons employment practices are a big negative, makes me rethink whenever I consider buying from them.


Mostly I buy on Aliexpress because it’s cheaper and have better quality (if you known how to choice properly) than the garbage sold in Brazilian stores or is the same thing but cheaper.

Even with the Brazilian government taxing in 92% everything over $50 USD, cheaper things still buyable (is this a word?) when comparing with local prices.

I bought some generic AirTags by R$ 20 BRL ($4~$5 USD) versus the same thing here sold by R$ 200 BRL.

I also buy on Amazon when is something local, I bought 12 liters of coconut water for my mother there, was cheaper than on a local supermarket and got next day delivery :scream:

Also some senseo coffee that I could only find there, and was a lot better/stronger than the one I get on supermarket.

I could also use Mercado livre/libre (eBay of Latin America) but usually most of things (electronics) sold there are the same of Aliexpress by the double or triple the price or some local products.


@Graham_Lees Thank you for sharing your experience with us. :star:

@FolioBund It’s great to see more delivery options becoming convenient. :blush:

@Eudes Savvy shopping choices. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy shopping y’all. :partying_face:

Veda | Community team

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Amazon generally for simplicity, they deliver to the shop over the road for convenience and I can collect from work.

EBay for niche products like car parts which are better sourced there.

Been eying up a bit on Etsy for my new flat too but moving costs are still catching up 2 months later :joy:


AliExpress for technique (mostly cheap Tuya Zigbee home automation parts and other gadgets), Amazon for the rest (cheap blu-rays, food supplements, technique that I wouldn’t buy on AliExpress and Prime Video). Ebay only very, very rarely, once a year or less.


@Carl_1460 Totally get it! Adulting is expensive, but at least you can personalize your new place with some Etsy finds once the dust settles and your wallet recover. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Kamika242 Sounds like you’ve got your online shopping strategy down to a T! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Veda | Community team


That’s a good point. Here in Germany we have the so called “DHL Packstation” since more than 20 years now, you can find them outside of supermarkets, fuel stations, DIY markets, in train stations and so on near to your place, opened around the clock, once registered, you get a personal post number and with this number and the address of a previously selected Packstation you can have your consignments delivered directly to this station. No disturbance of neighbours and no disturbance of myself by neighbours. I have a general redirection to a parcel station deposited with DHL. For the rarely case that AliExpress or another shop ships via Hermes, I can easily redirect the package via app to a local Hermes store, mostly late shops, also opened around the clock. The other shipping companies (DPD, UPS, …) do not play a big role in private customer business.


Some more generic “AirTags” equivalent, everything purchased by like 1/4 of the value of a single authentic AirTag in Brazil :brazil:

Some persons collect stamps, I collect “find my” devices :rofl:

Only missing feature are the UWB for precision finding (the arrow on the phone pointing to the device) but can make it do a sound and helps to find it and also is missing NFC to tap on it and get the owner contact information it the thing is marked was lost (I doubt someone will find something with a AirTag and know to tap on it to contact the owner).

The smaller one I put on my keychain and on really hidden place on my car, just in case.

The one card shaped will be one in my wallet and one on my passport holder.

Other 2 will be given to my mother :older_adult:t3:

Would be nice some glasses :eyeglasses: with this “find my” function, for my mother, everyday she lost it :rofl: