Agreeing to accept money from somebody

This option of agreeing to accept money from somebody is plain madness.

I work for an airline and most crew have Revolut. The people I work with are colleagues and not friends so they are not in my contacts list.

We go out for dinner and one crew member pays the bill and we all send money to the payer (restaurants don’t like to split the bill between 18 people).

The problem is if the contact who SENDS you money is not in your contacts list you move to click a notification to accept receipt of the funds.

If you don’t have internet at the time of the transfer you are not immediately notified. It could be hours or days.

For example tonight my phone has just pinged with a message telling me if I don’t ACCEPT payment from somebody who SENT ME funds a few days ago the funds will expire. I can’t even remember the transaction. If I failed to accept I could be £50-£££ of pounds down and never really know if I missed the notification.

It’s crazy. Sent funds should be deposited immediately. I can hardly be defrauding somebody if THEY are sending me the funds.