Adding money through the ATM.

Is there a possibility of adding money to Revolut Visa card directly from polish ATM’s?


Hello @pepe1 :wave: ,

Welcome to our community. I understand you wish to deposit cash to your Revolut account. Unfortunately, we can’t offer cash top-up to everyone at this time , as we’re still developing this feature.

To deposit cash into your Revolut account, please follow these steps:

  1. Tap ‘Add money’ → press the ‘Change’ button under the deposit amount → Deposit cash '.
  2. Please check the limit on ‘How to deposit cash’ screen. Top-ups exceeding this limit will be blocked. Press ‘Continue’.
  3. Find nearby locations and press ‘Deposit cash’.
  4. Set the deposit amount, tap ‘Continue’.
  5. Ask the cashier to scan your code, pass your top-up. Each barcode is valid for 30 minutes, and can be regenerated. If the barcode doesn’t generate, please check your internet connection.
  6. After the top-up has been completed, be sure to collect your receipt. You might need this if you encounter any issues with the top-up.
  7. If you change your mind, you can easily cancel the deposit on the barcode screen in the app.

You can also check this FAQ link. Hope that helps. :pray:

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