Account validation problem for Bulgaria


I am a Bulgarian citizen and, as it seems, I cannot verify my identity with my national ID card, as Bulgaria is not in the verification list of countries for this document.

So far, so good… but…

I’ve managed to top my account with EUR and now I cannot used it because my account is not verified.

How come not verified account can top money but cannot send money? If I knew this I would NOT send the EUR. Who likes to have useless money somewhere in a virtual bank account?

Please, consider this as a very bad user experience.



Just wondering, don’t you have an international passport you can use for verification?

I have a passport, but unfortunately it expired recently. Now the only option I have to validate my Revolut account is to re-issue my passport, which takes a week or so in Bulgaria and a lot of paper work too.

My post was triggered by this unfairness that I can top money to my account without validation but then I cannot use my own money for not having a validation. This is not right!

I think they use top-up as first step of validation, to confirm you have an existing bank account/card in your name.
If you complete validation, you will be able to use that money :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, they should be able to reverse your deposit if you really want to, once someone from support comes around.

Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

According with the agreements we have in place with you (, you need to verify your identity in order to top up and use your Revolut account. This policy is in line with a UK banking regulation called 'Know your Customer’ (KYC) and is the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients. It is simply an anti-corruption and fraud measure.

Until you have completed this step, you are not bound by Revolut’s General Terms of Service. Any card top ups or bank transfers you send into your Revolut account before verifying your identity will be made at your own risk and are subject to applicable fees. For help with this step, please refer to the question above.


Andreas K.

How about driving license?

Drivers licence is not valid ID ,so not really.

hmmm, my revolut account is verified and I did it sending them my driving licence…

Most places won’t…
Interesting that revolut does ,thanks for correcting :+1:

It must depend on countries, but driving licence is definitely considered as valid ID in some countries.

Same kind of issue there, I cannot very my account even tough I sent all of what was required… the status is saying “processing” it’s been more than 12 hours now… can someone from the support team can where do I stand with this verification of identity? it’s extremely hard to get on hold of anyone on the support chat via the app…
thank you for your help.

It is an automated process. Make sure all photos are sharp, well lit, readable, uncropped, and not altered. When contacting support, provide them all necessary documents. Search this forum (this is not the first thread about this topic) and see how contacting Revolt on social media helped other users to speed things up.

I think it’s more a bug for myself, I have sent all documents for verification and now it’s just saying “pending”, there is nothing else possible to do…

This happened before to other users. You can find plenty of posts here about this. Most of the time, there is a problem with the photos of the documents. Blurry. Or the ID not fully visible and cropped. Or bad lighting. Or a screenshot of some sort. Or a photo that was manipulated in photoshop. Support can verify you manually. I would double check the quality of your photos and provide them to support via the in app chat.

I tried to contact the support but never got the chance to get on hold of anyone… :frowning:

Yes. That’s why I suggested to provide them all necessary documents again via chat. So that they can solve your problem without getting back to you first and waiting for a back and forth debate. Look at it it like writing a letter.

you’re probably right, i’ll send them another love letter tomorrow with again all documents… :slight_smile:

I keep my fingers crossed.