Account statement export options: XML and/or CSV


Today the only way to export account statement is in PDF which for large number of transactions is not very easy to work with. XML or CSV can be converted to excel documents and processed further.

Also possible future business customers would benefit from this feature as most accounting software use XML or CSV files for importing account statements.


Personally, I’d like to see OFX and QFX format for importing into accounting and personal finance software easily.


Indeed, this would be more helpful.
I just found out that export to CSV is already possible. Thanks, Revolut guys!


could you please tell me how I export statements to excel or PDF

cant work it out


Would it be possible to extend the account statement options? Like OFX, OFX, QIF, …

Preferable also an electronic statements to feed account information into other systems. One option could by FinTS -->


Scroll down on your transactions list. A “receipt” icon appears in the upper right corner.


It does not appear, was the feature lost in a later update?
Only “receipt” iconv I can find is in the single statement, and that only does a (one-line only) PDF.


Accounts tab -> press on the balance -> statement -> choose format and date range