I have a standard account and did have an option to view my limits. That seems to have gone. I’m talking about the limit you had to reach before verifying the source of funds. I think it might have been £4,000-£5,000. So if I was getting to close to that, I’m not yet, I have to verify where the money has come from. Any reason that has gone? Has my length of membership or the number of top-ups and transactions verified the account automatically?

You may still get asked to verify funds - the difference now is you don’t know when😟.
My guess it’s further attempt to counter money laundering but for ordinary users I see it as a massive retrograde step.

This is nothing to do with your length of card holding - it applies now to all users.

I just hope it isnt while I’m away with an $800 hotel bill to pay.

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I just topup my account and I receive a message to verify funds. So limits do exist.