Account blocked Need Help



I’m french and I live in London since last week. Cause it was easier for a foreign new comer in Great Britain, I decided to create a UK Bank account with Revolut. To pay the rent of my flat and the deposit I needed to top up around 1600 GBP, as a gift my mother wanted to offer me this amount. so she created a Revolut account as well to transfer me this amount on my own revolt bank account. Problem, Revolut didn’t accept her identity verification even if she took a picture of her own passport and a selfie of herself. That’s why she gave his debit card number and told me to top up 1600 GPB with that especially debit card. That’s what i did but now my account is blocked. I tried to contact the revolt team by chat they told that they escalated this chat to their relevant team… 3 hours ago (may be plus). Since these 3 hours, no news. The huge problem is that I need my Revolut bank account to transfer money to my owner for the rent. Please is there something like an emergency number which I could call to explain my situation ?

Thank you