Accidentally opened Thai BAHT account can't remove it.

So on the app if you open an account in any currency, that currency will stay on the exchange and top-up screens FOREVER even after you have “deactivated” the account. Except it doesn’t deactivate it all and your pooled account remains open. Seems like a bit of an annoying feature. Revolut, can you remove these currencies from the Top-up and exchange screens when they are deactivated?. Otherwise this app is going to get very cluttered!

Hi there.

Once you have deactivated a currency, it’s no longer appeared.

Did you try to log out and log back in the app?

A currency that has been accidentally activated is displayed in your account listings. I got INR like this, although I probably never look at India.

Not on my app. I’ve logged out and back in. Thai Baht is then listed as a “inactive account” but is still listed. And Baht is still on both my transfer and top-up screens. It has been removed from the main home screen however. I spoke to Sebastian on the app and he said it is unable to be closed permanently and I will always have a pooled Thai Baht account. It seems a bit convoluted and messed up the look of an otherwise nice looking app.


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Thanks. It temporarily disables it but still leaves it at the bottom of the screen as an “inactive account”.

It seems odd that you can’t clean up the app, otherwise for every account you open (accidentally or otherwise) will always be listed underneath your main accounts.

Might have to do with regulations. Even if you use an account just for 0.01 once all transactions need to be kept for something like 10 years.

But Revolut could consider to completely hide currencies from all screens when there were no transactions at all.

Also, like you say, deactivated accounts don’t appear in the „accounts“ view, but they reappear under „my currencies“ when topping up via bank account for example. In my opinion, they could be hidden here as well. I don’t mind having them listed under Profile —> Account details —> Inactive accounts, though.

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me too… Inadvertently adding accounts on touch screens is all too easy. Please allow removal of zero-transaction accounts. Thx.

I created another account by accident too - I will never use that currency. I deactivated it but still can’t see the reason why it is listed below active accounts. Can you add the feature for removing it totally?

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Please can you make this possible revolut?

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@anon33247966 can you please confirm whether this feature will be appearing any time soon? The feature to properly delete and prevent inactive currencies and wallets from appearing in the app? As this tidyness and neatness of the app will effect my decision on whether to keep using it or not or to sign up to premium or not. Thanks alot

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