4.15 and money boxes


Just got version 4.15 and it seems to come with a new money box feature. I guess that was the so far unnamed feature of splitting amounts, right? Cant try it out yet though, as it immediately shows a loading animation that seems to spin endlessly.


Do you have a screenshot? :smiley:


I realise I often do pose that question :smiley: but unfortunately no - wasnt a complaint though, just an observation :wink:

I, mostly, wanted to point out that feature.


Well, i don’t have it and want to see it. Where did you find it?


Are you on Android or iOS? I assume you need version 4.15


I can’t see it either. I’m on iOS version 4.15


iOS 4.15 and I’m also not seing it


iOS 4.15 of course :wink:


:confused: :wink:

Well, then it is probably an Android thing.


Need screenshots :smiley:


Still on 4.14.1 here (android, UK Play Store) :frowning:


I guess they roll it out one by one, no idea based on what though.


Yeah the Play Store rolls out app updates in batches of users, I guess to reduce the max load on their servers and bandwidth, also if someone has a massive bug in their app, they can roll back having affected only the first people who updated.
I think it usually takes max 24h to have everybody up to date, it’s hard to be patient though :stuck_out_tongue:


Mostly that I presume. Load, bandwidth, and traffic should not be an issue for Google :). And it is actually a developer setting, by default a new version goes out to everyone AFAIR. Revolut must have configured a staged roll out.


For the load it’s just a guess, but for the bandwidth/traffic it’s definitely an important factor.
Last year (maybe 2016…) they changed their compression algorithm for the apk exactly for that: it makes apps smaller, but longer to install.

Anyway, I’ll try to forget this 4.15 version and check again tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point, I have been tinkering today a lot with Google’s Firebase and might overestimate their bandwidth and traffic might at this point :wink:


They probably have all the capacity they need, but uploading data costs money, so it makes sense they try to reduce it :slight_smile:


4.15.1 out and the feature is gone. I presume Revolut forgot to disable it for the time being, but now we know the internal code name :grinning:


And you still didn’t get any screenshots :sunny:


Too lazy to make one, transfer it to the desktop, and crop it :smiley:

But it was just an additional box on the More page.