2D barcode scanner

There was already an idea about this here Enable 2D barcode scanning in PDF417 format but it is closed for some reason.

I don’t know how other countries pay their monthly house bills but in Croatia, we have a barcode on the bill that can be scanned and it contains all the needed data to pay the bill.
Revolut has something similar in the pockets but on my bill the reference number and the amount that I need to pay change every month, so I can’t use some kind of recurring payment for this.

Because Revolut doesn’t have a scanner (and it’s a hassle to enter the reference number by hand for every bill) I need to use some other third-party app that scans the barcode and then sends a payment request to my Revolut card. It’s starting to be annoying that I have to have 2 apps for paying the monthly house bills.

Revolut already has a QR code scanner, can this feature be extended to scan 2D barcodes and make a payment based on the data in that barcode? Here is a document (https://www.hub.hr/sites/default/files/inline-files/2dbc_0.pdf) from Croatian Bank Association (Croatian Banking Association | HUB) where the barcode is explained.

Please, implement this, it’s the only feature that is missing to switch to Revolut completely.


@dVilim Hello, Welcome to the community. :star_struck:

We hear you! While barcode scanning for bill payments isn’t available yet, we appreciate the suggestion for adding PDF417 support. We’ll forward this to the product team for consideration. :sunflower:

Veda | Community team

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This would be a great addition, for sure. Also, adding a QR code to the RIB (bank identity document) to further promote the feature and implement it completely on Revolut.


Is there a way of tracking the status of the request with the product team, if they are considering it / decided to develop it / reject it / something else

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