Zloty (Llyods bank a/c) transfer totally useless


I have had 2 transfers made to my ‘zloty’ account (i.e. using my 8 digit reference (06941298) via Lloyds GB account) in the past few months which have gone missing. One eventually showed up 17 days later. The second was made on 7th Feb and I have sent Revolut the sender’s account number, the amount of the transfer and the reference. Now this should be fairly easy to track down. There should surely be only one incoming transfer to the Lloyds account matching my transfer details. I have been told to get a copy of the transfer from the sending bank (Alior, Poland). I spent ages on the phone to Alior from abroad and they confirmed it was sent and gave me the account it was sent from and the amount. I still have no help available to me from Revolut who insist I send a screenshot of the transfer. I’ve explained that the money comes from my dead father’s account and I don’t have access to the online banking to get a screenshot. My brother got the exact same transfer made on the same day for his half of the money and it arrived in his Polish account same day. So what is the point of the Revolut zloty account? I now have 12,000 odd Euro missing and cannot see why Revolut cannot consult their incoming transfers and see from the details I have given the transfer made with my reference number on the 7th February.