Zip/Postal code

Some sites or merchants require zip/postal code when paying online. I’ve tried 99999, 00000, 01122. None of them worked. Please solve this issue.


Hey there @Yuri :slight_smile:

Have you tried yours? The one that appears inside the app in More -> Profile -> Personal details?

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Same issue here. I’ve tried the one that appears inside the app in More -> Profile -> Personal details and it does not work. Any update on this?

I have the same problem. Is there a solution for this? I’ve tried using the zip saved on my account, the 0000 as they suggest in troubleshoot, nothing works.

I solved this by linking the card to paypal and paying with the paypal account

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Up. please provide solution

I have the same issue.
The site asks for an address during checkout.
I tried the zip code from my profile, tried 0000, 00000, 99999, 999999 and so on, nothing works, I get the error: “Card and postcode do not match.”
Obviously I can solve this through paypal or using some other card, but that’s not the point, now is it.
@Revolut: please either associate my real zip code with my virtual card or let the users know what the correct zip code would be to use in such cases.

Humblebundle doesn’t accepts revolut cards due to lack of 3D secure.

For other sites and Uber I remember I used Revolut’s office ZIP, found in accounts (non EUR) :joy:


Which code did you use Iskender?

I have the same issue on digitalocean and udemy.

E14 4HB

Twenty twenty

I’ve tried to buy some e-books from and have the same issue. Still no solution?
When I try to pay with PayPal I cannot select my linked :r: card. :frowning:

Strange, today the site didn’t ask for a ZIP/Postal code and accepted they payment.

Same issue. Wanted to pay my domains in US$. I put my CORRECT 5 digit zip code. Everything correct. 162$ off Revolut (at least for the moment) and website says “Your card number and postal code do not match”.

Exactly for those transactions when virtual cards are advisable, Revolut fails.
Look Revolut - to pay at the supermarket in my home town, I don’t need your card!

But for those international internet transactions - in different currenc - this is where the card is useful - but fails.

So I did as advised above. I linked my Revolut card to PayPal. Then I paid with PayPal.
Important - MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT USE PAYPALS CURRENCY CONVERSION. On the order page at the bottom you see a note where you need to click and then the conversion options come up. And set it in accordance to your balance.

I found a fix for Humble Bundle, which uses for their payment processing.
Just write a single space in the postal code field. Like this " ", without the quotes.


Thanks, the whitepsace trick worked

I’m encoutering this issue with a card ending in 4165 - the vendor wants a US zip code, I obviously don’t have one as the card is based in the UK, have tried all solutions such as not entering one, entering all zeroes or nines, and it doesn’t work. What does one do in this situation?

Hi, try 99999, i have a french account, and this zip code works for me on USA

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I have this EXACT same issue on newly issued cards. My Postcode digits to not match when payments are attempted and despite multiple chats with various people, NOTHING seems to be understood. My account has the right postcode and my ‘original card’ is fine.

I am going to raise a complaint to Visa now.

In my case, I had to switch Address line 1 with Address line 2

Zip is often asked in US @ gas stations mainly… never been abled to have them working when asked with any card I had (:roll_eyes:) beneath it was inserted right (and with cards issued in MY own country).

So I don’t think it’s a Revolut specific issue…

Never tried with 00000 or 99999 anyway. :thinking: