Zimbabwe Dollars?!

Well I arrived in Zimbabwe yesterday, and was amused to get a notification informing me that £10 was worth about 4381 Zimbabwe Dollars. Revolut seem to be unaware that Zimbabwe Dollars haven’t existed since 2009 :rofl:

(also, when the currency did exist, it ended at lot worse than 438 to the pound…)

It certainly did…



I’m actually really curious about where Revolut could possibly be getting the exchange rate they quoted from

It’s still listed on xe.com as a currency with exchange rate values:

However the website (www.xe.com/currency/zwd-zimbabwean-dollar) clearly states that the currency has been suspended indefinitely.

Interesting! That made me curious as to how there was so much fluctuation in the value of a non-traded currency. Turns out that it’s constant against the US dollar and the fluctuations you see vs GBP and EUR are just the fluctuations in GBP/USD and EUR/USD. You learn something new every day!

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