Zero support

Is it just me that cant get any support despite them taking my cash?

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More specific info would help :slight_smile:

I’ve been sat waiting for a response from your “Live” chat in the app for over 2 hours and had no response

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I have 2 issues:-
2 cards have failed to arrive now and I cant speak to anybody to find out why
I cant login with my email address on line however I can on the app and the system has just let me create another account with the same email address?

Well,just to clarify-i’m not Revolut employee,so my help is limited…
Just a member here…
Your account is assigned to mobile number,and it’s against Revolut terms and conditions to have multiple accounts…

Are you a Revolut for Business customer? There is a dedicated business support chat available via the website. And a special section here in the forum where you could get in touch with the Business team :wink:

Is it about a personal account? It’s app only! The web interface only works for business accounts.

Do I have a duplicate account, who knows, I wouldn’t have expected to get a message saying that my email address wasn’t. If i ever get support I may be able to get an answer!
Does this suggest they have lost my account?

Not just you. I signed up yesterday, and the whole experience has been awful.
Trying to get through to support to sort out - first told there was a 12 hour wait, then after 12 hours told it would be another 2 hours, then 2 hours after that told they were closing the chat because I wasn’t responding!

Its a personnel account, im not sure I would trust any organisation that fails to deliver a card twice / loses an account and you cant get any support with a business account.
I guess you get what you pay for or not in this case

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Here we go. Personal accounts are attached to mobile phone numbers, not email addresses. To log in, you need to download the app on a supported device and then log in with the phone number you used to set up your account. (Hence my question, because business accounts use email addresses instead.)

If you’ve logged in successfully, you can contact support and they might be able to find out why the delivery failed.

You can also contact support via Twitter/Facebook. That might be faster than the in app chat.

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Hi Frank, here we go indeed, I am contacting support on my phone and still waiting for a responce.
FYI - I am also logged in using a new personnel account on my PC using my email address

Could you provide a link to the log-in page? I don’t think a web log in for personal accounts exists.

HI Frank, Im comment on this through the browser on my PC after logining

I see.Two things: the app gives you access to your account. But this here is a public community forum, you’re just logging in here with an email address, not into your “bank account” with Revolut.

I appreciate that

The app also give you access to the support, that’s where Ive been waiting for a response for the past 2.5 hours.

One of the issues I have is that this forum wouldn’t recogise the email address i have associated with my account so I had to create the account again to be able to get access to the forum, this is a bigger concern

However as I cant get any support its not likely to be something I can sort out.

Because the two things are separate. Opening an account does not automatically subscribe you to this public forum.

The support gets a lot of requests, so there is a line. You could try Twitter / Facebook, that often speeds things up.

Ok, thanks, so the forum has no relation to your actual account?

When logging into this forum, you’re not logged in into some sort of online banking. This is additional. Not all users want to use it. It’s a customer community provided by Revolut.

2.5 hours? You have a long wait yet! I had to wait 18 hours just to be told that they don’t care and won’t do anything.

You might have a very long wait - I’ve been trying to top-up since last Wednesday. I sent over verification documents for my limit and then…nothing. It’s been almost a week!