ZAR top up from the UK


I have bank accounts in the UK and South Africa. I would like to top up ZAR from my SA bank and then exchange ZAR for GBP in Revolut to spend here in the UK.

In the FAQ it is said that one can top up in different currencies including ZAR.

But if one tries to do this in the app it doesn’t seem possible. Either I can top up with a card into GBP or EUR or I can do a bank transfer to a UK bank (Lloyds) which will be classified as an international payment and therefore incur SWIFT fees among others.

How can I top up ZAR from a South African bank?

Any advice appreciated.


Hey @Otter :slight_smile:

I guess you probably explored all the options :frowning:
You can only top-up with a card in GBP, EUR, PLN, DKK, SEK, NOK, RON, USD and CHF currently


Yeah I think so,

So the only bank account Revolut has available to make deposits into is the UK Lloyds account?

Thanks for the response


Hey again @Otter :slight_smile:

I believe that, if the transfer is going to be in ZAR, it is the only option, yes :wink:
Consider talking to your bank to see if they can estimate the fees.


I know what they are as I transfer funds from SA to the UK fairly often.

I was hoping Revolut would allow me to transfer smaller amounts without fees but guess I’ll have to wait and see where they go with it.


Hi there,

Revolut does not charge a fee to top up your account via bank transfer. However, it is important to watch out for third-party fees.

Topping up from a UK bank in GBP is free. If your transfer is in EUR or CHF and your bank is using SEPA then a transfer to Revolut will cost the same as a domestic transfer. If your transfer is in PLN, USD or any other currency then it will likely be sent via SWIFT. This means that your bank (and/or an intermediary bank) could charge you an international transfer fee.

You can see your ZAR currency account details by going to Top Up–> Bank Transfer.


Thank you for the response Jessicaszbla,

Can you tell me if I top with with ZAR by doing a bank transfer from South Africa to the UK will it go through as ZAR or GBP i.e. will I have to accept my banks exchange rate.

In the past when I’ve done SWIFT transfers I’ve had the option to send an amount in either ZAR or GBP but it is my understanding that once deposited into the UK account it will be in GBP.


Hey @Otter :slight_smile:

If you follow the steps @jessicaszabla pointed:

The money will arrive in ZAR and be held in ZAR :wink:


Make sure you use the ZAR account details :slight_smile:


Hi AndreasK,

Can you elaborate?

The ZAR account details are for a GB bank correct? So it will still be subject to SWIFT fees from my South African bank? These can be quite high, in excess of ZAR 245 per transaction.



Open the app and go “More” -> Profile -> Account details and choose ZAR so you can find your ZAR account details.


HI Andreas,

I’m in the same position as Otter.

I have a GBP and a ZAR account on the app.

I’m looking at my ZAR account. I press ‘top up’ . But then the app takes me right back to my GBP account.

I get the option to top up in: GBP, EUR, USD, CHF, DKK, NOK, PLN, RON and SEK.

I do not get the option to top up my ZAR account in ZAR.



You can only top up with ZAR via bank transfers.


Hi AndreasK,
I am a South African living in Hungary. I have a Hungarian and a South African bank account, both accounts have been verified on Revolut.
I want to transfer ZAR from my South African bank account to my Hungarian Bank Account. As I understand it, I go to Revolut App, on the top left corner select, takes me to Account manager. I have two currencies that I pre-selected South African ZAR and Hungarian HUF.
I select ZAR as I want to transfer ZAR from South Africa to the Revolut account. Once I select it, I am provided with banking information, reference number, banking details, bank address etc. I hope I am right so far, but when I go to my own South African banking App to add the information to do the transfer, the BIC code provided, I get a notice from my banking app that the BIC code is too short. What do in this scenario.


If your bank does not understand the BIC code LOYDGB2L, use LOYDGB2LXXX.