You're holding £30,000 of my money!!!!!


I currently have three pending transactions into my account totally £30,000. They’ve been in pending for a week now and NO ONE is responding on the support window to my messages? And i have absolutely no way of calling you, or contacting you other than the support window and this forum. What type of operation do you consider yourselves? This is ALOT of money, my money, not yours and you’re not responding to my messages. I have a right mind to complain to the FCA about this behavior and it my money needs to be either put in my account, or sent back to where i sent it from immediately. You are causing me alot of anxiety and stress by holding up my money.

I’ve provide all the documentation you require to prove the income. So bloody well release the funds NOW.

Keir D


Hey @Keirdoubas :slight_smile:

Please check this:

It will probably speed things up :wink:

I’m pretty sure the FCA will be OK with financial entities doing checks before dealing with big amounts of money. However, you’re free to complain to them. Also to the Financial Ombudsman. More info on the topic here:

Be sure you’ll get your money back. I’d also be anxious if I got that amount of money held by anyone. Don’t worry, or worry as little as you possibly can, you’ll have your money back :wink:


You can unblock your card by yourself from within the app.

@Juliopp gave you all the details you need to know to speed things up with support. Now please don’t you be childish and yell at a fellow customer that tried to help.


@Juliopp is trying to help you, he is a regular user and customer just like yourself and so am i.

Why did you out of the blue send so much money without having established the account first? I would never send more than a few hundred euros to begin with, if that even!

Once your account is established and your topup limits are raised things will go nicely. Did you have a topup limit with 30k gbp limit left this year? Else i know why it’s left pending…

Did you send from an account in your own name? Else that might also be the cause of pending and in that case i don’t think it would be allowed.

Relax and read a bit in the faq

Hopefully your experience will be better once things start working for you, your money isn’t lost.


Guys just leave it alone, he just wants to fight.

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Thanks for your attempt to help, but you dont know the background and have no right to know what i do with my money. I shouldn’t need to be speaking to fellow users about my issues. UTTERLY RIDICULOUS SITUATION and infuriating.

@Keirdoubas, got same issue with 29997€ pending this week. Hope they will not send back the money, or get back to me before doing so, and just upgrade account limit (got no answer from the chat too). On the app they said 24 hours for documents verifications but it’s taking a lot more…

Stop trying to blame others for something caused by you and you alone.

Do you even know what your top-up limit is? If you can not answer that then you surely will understand that there is new rules and regulations concerning money laundry that that revolut just as any other bank within the EU has to follow.

Read up first and check your limit within the app by going to “more” -> “Profile” -> “Verification & Limits”.

I suspect you won’t have 30.000 GBP in unused limit unless you have verified your source of income?

Large top-ups usually take longer. Forgot what the treshold is (10k?) but that happened to me in the past as well: took 2 weeks or so to have it credited on my account (in addition to the transfer delay itself).

Reason is they had to perform extra due diligence and requested me additional proof/documentation.

Might be your case too at the moment. Or possibly you reached your max top up limit.

For me it’s the first time a bank hold a SEPA transfert too, maybe Revolut is the only one to respect the rules ? In my other banks in europe there is no annual deposit limits on the account, just a daily limit like 50000€/day for SEPA transfert. That’s why it’s a bit deceiving to have sush limits. And additional informations concerning origins of funds are usually asked afterwards, to verify and report to higher financial authority, but funds stay available.

@Keirdoubas Hi, similar situation. almost 2 weeks ago I had 15 and also added a 6… all because i wanted to use my revolut card and premier services.

The community seem very helpful, but this is not helping revolut actually put any messages out saying they have a high volume, please wait, etc.

We were going away this weekend for my daughters 16th birthday. Looks like this needs to be cancelled now, I should have left the money where it was as its now in suspense somewhere… my own fault for trusting the revolut service commitments, but deeply disappointing and breaking al kinds of guidelines.

This is so against the community guidelines :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I know and I’m sorry but that guys ignorant attitude pisses me off.

Revolut is not a bank, banks work differently. Revolut is a e-money company and as such has to be more careful with money laundering.

I am not Revolut staff.

I think they are real bank now. My Revolut account has a IBAN to my name, which is “International Bank Account Number”

No, that’s not the case. Check the Revolut homepage for this. You don’t need to be a bank to be able to issue IBANs and have a BIC.

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I can see that a member of our compliance team has responded to your in-app chat.