Your User Support access is a problem when access to the app is locked out.

I tried revolut about 2 years ago on a trip to NYC and it was a disaster. The card worked for a day or two then stopped working halfway through the trip as the pin number was no longer accepted and I gave up with it.

I now want to give it a second chance but cannot access the in app help as i’ve since changed my mobile phone and therefore cannot receive a code by phone to unlock the account. It seems odd that I can’t actually speak to a human being when I cannot access the app to change settings on the account?

I’m amost ready to give up again as the user support is not great.

How can I speak to a real person or how can I get help with this?



Update to the latest version.

Then tap “changed phone number” on the welcome screen.


Hi Frank,

Thanks for getting back.

I tried that very thing but it seems I need to log into the app to make the changes but I can’t as after downloading the app revolut are sending a 6 digit code to my old phone (that I no longer have) to enter before I can access the app.

I can’t access any tech support or make any changes to my profile without getting into the app either… going round in circles…



Two things:

The new process for “changed my phone number” is designed for exactly this case: if people get a new phone number before being able to change it, therefore loosing access to the account/app.

If that does not work: try to log in with your old number. Then wait. After two minutes or so, you should have the option to contact support. This option is designed for cases when text message delivery fails or people lose access to the phone (theft) and want to install the app on a different phone without changing the associated number.

If all this fails, you can contact support also on Twitter.


Hi Frank,

That was a great help and worked a treat!



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