Your top-up failed "something went wrong"

Hi, as I wanted to use Revolut for some major car expenses (getting new seats and new exhaust), I wanted to add some money but technical issue makes it not possible.
Seriously this is the type of things keeping me from making Revolut my main account. Oh yeah and also support is non-existent so I’ll just use my card from a trusted Main Street Bank.


Exactly. I have the same issue: 3 out of 4 top-ups fail.

Well, on my end it’s not that bad. It usually works. However once in a while, it’s just not going through for couple hours (usually right when you need to use it, otherwise it ain’t fun lol).
As a metal plan early adopter, the inconvenience feels even worse.

By the way, regarding support I have two theories.

1- Either the bug is not limited to top-ups but broader (to which extend though?)
2- Either the issue affects both top-ups and support

Thoughts, anyone?

Hi. I am a new user of Revolut.

I am unable to top up using any working card. I always get the error in caption. What can one do?

Also how one use the in-chat option to get help?

Hi, unfortunately I don’t think there’s a real answer to this.
As they might suggest, “try again later”

Also, you may find the chat here:

  • Within the app, go to your plan (bottom right icon)
  • Press question mark “?”
  • Scroll all the way down
  • Select “new chat”
  • Have fun

Disclaimer: this applies to a metal plan, not sure it’s universal
Also chat is hidden to a new spot every update, so watch out

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