Your app needs to recognize all top level domains


I’m using a .family domain. It’s only secured email account. I cannot use my .family email account with Revolut. I’m dropping Revolut card for now and waiting for you to solve the domain problem. Actual list of TLDs directly from IANA:

Thank you!

True, Revolut seems to have a conservative view of top level domains :slight_smile:


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It’s a modern, very modern product. They don’t have to stay conservative. They are loosing clients. I know many people with .blog emails. Some with .design &.android. Otherwise keeping it’s beiond unsecured. :blush:

“Unsecured”? Personally I dont think they are losing much as those new domains are not that popular after all. Also, .blog should work fine.

Anyhow, dont think we need to discuss it much. It probably is just a validation issue and I guess they will fix it some point.

Unsecure, I mean those name.surname@gmail receiving mails also from namesurname@gmail. In my dot account I have mails from nondot account, which it’s not created by me. How do I know where my mails goes? To 2dot account… :smiley:
It is a known issue of Also my .family it’s hosted by Google, it’s not an matter of trust here. :wink:

The discus with Revolut support goes nowhere so I came to community and thank you for your support.

There is nothing unsecure about it. Google simply ignores dots.

Again, there is not much of a discussion needed in the first place. I’d simply file it as a bug and assume Revolut will fix it at some point.


Considering that the weekend seems to be @JessicaZ’ turn I will also tag her :slight_smile:

The app it’s accepting 4 characters after dot. How hard could it be to accept 6? :blush:

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Not hard at all, you just need to convince Revolut’s development team to change their regular expression from {2,4} to {2,} (no maximum number of characters, to support longer ones as well) :wink:

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63 is the maximum length for a label, so {2,63} would be a more accurate limit :slight_smile:

Correct, my intention was to emphasise to not limit it once more to two additional characters, in the light of .xn–clchc0ea0b2g2a9gcd and .travelersinsurance. Not that I’d except dozens of such signups though :wink:

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