Your account is temporarily disabled.


Dear Revolut,

Our account is blocked for a 3 weeks after we try to make one (first) remittance. We have send the supporting documents for the remittance on Revolut’s request and wait for an answer for a 3 weeks. It seems no one reading our company’s support chat.

How to settle the problem?

I find on topics that one company was blocked more than one moth. Please explain what we can do?


Hello @valery1

I fully understand your concern. We are FCA regulated business and as a financial business, we are obliged to perform due diligence checks in order to prevent some kind of the activities.

If you should have any questions why that situation happened, I would recommend to visit our blog and read an article about how do we work:

Respectable team has been informed about your case and it is being investigated as we speak. I am sure you will be contacted as soon as it is possible.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.


Dear Rafael,

Thank you for explanation. A least we know Revolute do not forget about our account reviewing. Hope, we do not big losses.
After 4 weeks account disabling we may wait for some time. But suppose it will not be long.