Your account is temporarily disabled. Please contact us via chat

But there isn’t anybody at the chat.
What’s happened with my account ?
Why account is temporarily disabled ?

Say something and wait… and wait… and wait… and then poke them on twitter or facebook

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It’s technical problem or no ?

it’s :r:evolut, welcome aboard fellow masochist.

Hello Elena,

Sorry to see your account is not accessible at the moment. I have checked what happened and we are already looking into your case. Please expect contact from one of our team members via chat or email. Accept my apologies.

Best regards,

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Hi Rafael, I am still waiting reply in chat

It’s really long time without access
One of my British client transferred money to my account but I can’t confirm the payment and also can’t place his order. In case of delay of delivery who will pay the fine ?
If you need to block my account for checking just stop outgoing payments and ask for documents. But I need access to be sure that my money is still on my account.


I have the same issue with my account. Can you help me, @revolut?

Just received a message from support.
“Your account has been flagged for review by our automated security system.”

A couple of days ago I made some transfers into Ukraine for IT-support and translation service that the reason why account has been blocked. Hope we will solve this today together with Revolut.

Yesterday we discussed with Revolut my transactions.
I explained in details why I paid to Ukraine and provided documents (invoices).
And then my account has been unlocked so now I can use it.

I guess it’s not a problem for client to explain for nature of the payments but maybe Revolut will block a transfers during the checking but the client will still have an access to account to be sure that all funds are in it. For us it was a little nervously to see a sign “account blocked”.


Hi @Elena1

Thank you for the update, glad it all works for you now. Thank you for the suggestion! I will pass it for further consideration.