Your account is currently blocked for security reasons


I cannot even go for a food! Please help me! It is already been 2 days! Unbearable waiting now!!!


Hi! You can reach support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:


It was resolved by Andreas K! He is superb! Thank you so much!


I am experiencing the same issue, and I am getting no response from either the App support or Facebook support


I am experiencing the same issue, and I am getting no response. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter. I have been trying since last night 17:54 to resolve


Problem reported at 17:54 4/5 . Agent online 11:40am 5/5 asking for four photos


account unblocked 11:47am went to make transaction 11:55am, which was declined and then… Account blocked, another 18 hours to resolve ?(5/5/17)


In the US and guess what … account has been blocked!

Seems to be a regular way that Revolut regulate the amount of capital flow?


Same problem here. I have been blocked for more than 2 weeks with no solutions in sight. Unable to communicate with support, endless response time after questions… I want to get out as soon as I can. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE.


I have the same problem and unresponsive support