"Your account is currently blocked for security reasons"



Yesterday I got this message:“Your account is currently blocked for security reasons” . I used virtual cards to top up. I did not know it was not recommended.
I contacted the support , I sent different information to confirm my account and the support said they will escalate to a relevant team and come back to me shortly.

Unfortunately I didn’t have news since yesterday. I have to pay a cottage booking in Scotland before May 5th and I would like to avoid fees Euros to Pounds.

How can I accelerate unblocking of my account ?
As soon as my account is unblocked I can top up with a physical card.


Hello, Serge351
At least you contacted the support. How did you managed?
I have my account blocked but can’t contact anyone


You can reach support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) and on Facebook: https://facebook.com/revolutapp :slight_smile:


I wrote my message and theit automatic system RITA did not understand my question and proposed to write " Live agent".
2 hours after Somebody replied


OK. Thank you for information :slight_smile:


The problem is solved.
C0stin , you was right , facebook seems to be more efficient than the chat :slight_smile: