Your account is currently blocked for security reasons - Urgent



since yesterday I get a “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons”.

This is because I used a virtual card to top-up the account and I can’t go through the card validation process because the camera won’t recognise my virtual card image.

I’ve requested support since yesterday, was elevated to the “live agent” but no one has yet answered my prays… I’ve attached pictures of my virtual card and it’s associated bill, but it seems no one answers my request.

It’s quite urgent as I’m travelling abroad and need desperately to top-up my card.

Hope someone from Revolut get’s this!!!

Best Regards,


You can also reach support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:


Thank you. In the meantime I did it, and I must say they were rather quick to patch me through their assistance team, even though I’m still chatting in order to solve it.

Anyway, I also agree Twitter seems to be the best answer for urgent (if not all) support requests.


I had the same problem . they solved after I contacted the support on Facebook .
No answer on chat