Your account is blocked!!


Transferred £5 converted into €, fine then transferred to overseas bank, everything fine.

I then put £500, £250 from 2 different cards, convert to € fine. Try to transfer again to the same destination and my account is blocked!

Asked to verify cards with code on statement, done. Now nothing but an option to contact support team, who since saying they will escalate to the relevant team do not respond!! It’s been 2 days now!


Hey @irate :slight_smile:

It is recommended not to top-up your account from many different cards. However, here you have the steps to get :r: to unlock your account :wink:


Thanks for the reply.

Would be handy if they wrote that somewhere, I have 2 bank accounts as I would imagine many people do and with the measly £250 limit, I’m sure I’m not the only one topping up from multiple cards.

I haven’t been asked for anything in the form of i.d, I’ve verified both cards. Please help @AndreasK @jessicaszabla


Hey @irate :slight_smile:

Two cards in your own name should be fine, however :frowning:
The fastest way to get help is usually Twitter, but you will not get an answer until tomorrow



I don’t have Twitter, but thanks.


As I can see both cards have been confirmed and your account is again fully active. Thanks for your patience & sorry for any inconvenience caused.