You have ordered too many cards (physical spare card)


I am a premium user with 1 physical card and 2 virtual cards and whenever I try to order another physical spare card I get the error that I have ordered too many cards. Am I doing something wrong? How to order another card?


Hey @Dean111 :slight_smile:

Any user can have up to 3 cards at the same time, but not more up to 2 physical and 5 virtual cards at the same time, as @AlexA pointed out.

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Thanks for the answer. You’re far better than Rita!

@Juliopp Are you sure about that? I am not a Premium user, but have a physical Mastercard, a physical Maestro and two virtual Visas.

Weird. I don’t even have the option to order Maestro. How did you do that?

Maestro is available only in NL, D, A & CH

Maestros are unknown to me and probably beta-ish :wink:

I was offered to choose between Visa and Maestro when I ordered the second card so there is no beta factor involved here :wink:

Also, according to Revolut’s website:

Considering they were never announced “officially” and they actually took some time to start to work, I’d say there was some beta factor.

Rectified. I was mistaken and the info was outdated.

You are of course right about the Maestro beta factor.
What I meant is that I could just as well have selected the Visa card and as such the card type was not an enabler or limiting factor.