Yolt app


Hi, I saw that Monzo recently joined Yolt (yolt.com), an app that helps bringing together data about spendings on several accounts.

I thought it would be cool to have it on Revolut too (together with Apple Pay!)


I second the Yolt suggestion !
If the big banks and the likes of Monzo have managed to facilitate / get comfortable with Yolt integration, this should be easy for Revolut to implement.


Is it possible for Revolut to integrate with Yolt without Revolut being a bank (yet) ?


I would also support the Yolt integration.

Here is a communication from Yolt last year. It seems like they are keen on integrating with :r:!


+1 for this. I’ve just added Starling, but can’t add Revolut :frowning:


+1 for Yolt integration.


afaik revolut only provides an open api for business customers.

without an api for proper integration or a web interface for yoddle to impersonate you any third party integration is not possible


My assumption is that any consumer integration of :r: would be via Open Banking (UK)/PSD2 (EU).


that’s why I also wrote

as sharing your credentials to allow web scraping is the other method, also not possible without a web interface.