Yet again, more refund Issues

Hi guys,

I’ve seen in previous posts that there’s a lot of you having issues with refunds, and so am I.

In theory, an online store refunded my money on December 22 and I still haven’t received a thing. I contacted Revolut support 2 or 3 times already and no luck.
The first time I was told by the bot that I’d have to wait 3 days. Then the live agent said I’d have to wait 9 days. Last time another live agent told me I’d have to wait 14 days.
A month has passed and I have no idea where the money is. While I understand that this happened during holiday season, and that I can understand that services weren’t running at 100%, I really would like to know if I’m ever going to see that money again.

How many more days should I have to wait to receive my money?
I was a major fan of revolut until now, it’s getting really disappointing.

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Hi there. How did the merchant proceed with this refund?
I can see that you have paid via bank transfer so this is not a card payment. Do you have a refund confirmation?

The information that I got from him was, quote
"The payment was sent to the original account the payment was made from."

I asked for a confirmation more than once, but I’m still waiting for it, for more than 14 days, I may say. They say they double checked with the accounts and that, quote “The payment has definitely been sent and the accounts department have double checked and confirmed this.” This also seems fishy.

My problem here is that I don’t know if I’m being scammed or not - at the beginning I thought that the problem was that they never transferred the money and that I am, indeed, being scammed, but after contacting Revolut for 2 or 3 times, and considering that each response I was given had a different number of days to get my refund, I guess you can imagine how confused I am.

I just need to understand who’s to blame. If there’s a way for you to see if the money was indeed sent to my Revolut account or if I need to take any measures and contact the store again.

Thanks for your reply.

You can receive a refund in your card by giving the card details of your revolut card (16 digits), like I said the initial transactions was made via bank transfer therefore the merchant wouldn’t be able to proceed with a refund into your card unless you’ve provided them with the card details.

I advise you to get in touch with the merchant and clarify this with them.

I did give them my card details, but considering the reply I got from them (and quoted previously), I’d assume they didn’t use this information.

I’m contacting them again. Will get back to you if I do get a statement of their transfer.
Thank you

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That’s bad… because your account is different than the accounts Revolut uses for payments. :man_facepalming:

So they might sent the money to Revolut’s one pooled account. Without a reference number it’s hard to say it can go to your account.

I know when I sent money to myself I’ve reveived the money from a local bank in Romania not from my account.

Jeez… :disappointed_relieved:
If this is the case, what can I do?

Tell them to send you a proof to which account they sent. Like the the statement with the transaction details.

So :r: can search after.

I’ve got the money from an account named RevolutSend Money :joy:

I’m chasing them again, thank you!
This is getting so tired, it’s been a month now :expressionless:

Okaaay, so after a week, I finally received their statement with the account number they used to transfer the money to. They said they didn’t send the refund to the account number I had given because it was different from the account number from where they received the money. I still don’t understand why this happens, but what matters is that I have the account number now.

So, what’s the next step? I need to contact Revolut through the app? Send an email? @anon33247966 could you help please?
Thanks !

Could you please contact our support and send the confirmation via in-app chat.

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So yeah, I did contact your support and each time I do, the most common answer I get is “Contact us tomorrow”. First I sent the statement the merchant sent as proof. Then I was told that the money was sent back to the merchant - “contact them”. Then I explained that they did send the money to me and had not mentioned anything about it bouncing back. Then I was told that the Revolut agent “may have found my money, contact us tomorrow”. So I contacted them again. Another agent looked into my query. He too had located my funds. “I think you should get your money tomorrow”. Waited. No money. Next week I contacted them again. “I have contacted the relevant team for an update, contact us tomorrow”. I’m really losing my patience here. I always get the same answer.

I’ve contacted Revolut support again and apparently he too is trying to get hold of the payment processor, which hasn’t replied in 6 days, apparently.

I never thought this process would be so frustrating!! Why is it not possible to receive a refund to the same account the money left in the first place! Jesus! :triumph: