Yes another Verification Failed topic. Please resolve ASAP!

Hi All,

I see I’m not alone here. I can’t verify my account and would like to ask the support to contact me directly to resolve the issue ASAP!



I have been waiting for 5 days without a answer. And one of my big transactions is pending for more than 24 hours

Not a good first impression that’s for sure especially that I heard good opinions about Revolut.

It seems to me that their verification process simply doesn’t work. I have used the same document and of course the same face to verify a couple of crypto exchanges accounts - and we know how strict they are - so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here.

Hope we will get a response sooner rather than later as I’m going on holiday soon.

Same is there any other that we can contact them?

Facebook, Twitter

I have no facebook or twitter. Trying my luck with app chat. Currently it says it might take them around 4h to respond.

Still no luck. How are guys doing with your issues?