Yearly topup limit and splitting bills


Today I noticed that the amount of money Revolut believes I topped up is higher than what I expected.
Then I thought it might be because I split bills with my girlfriend, but without using the in-app function.

Let me explain: usually I pay the rent and the bills (from Revolut), and she gives me half of that sum. Now, the money she gives me comes from her Santander bank account, because here it’s where she gets her salary paid into. I now understand that that money is accounted towards my yearly topup limit, is it? If on the other hand she had topped up her Revolut card first, and then sent me money through Revolut, would it have been still considered as a top up on my card? If yes, would have it been different if I used the “split bill” function to ask her money?


I know the answer only for first part of your question- in described situation topup from girl’s revolut is counted to your annual limit.