Xero integration - what's up?

Revolut has been promising for a while that it’s going to integrate with Xero. People asked back in November for an estimated date, but there’s been a deafening silence.

I’m beginning to wonder whether this is ever going to happen, or whether they’ve simply taken it off the roadmap but kept quiet to avoid losing clients. Has anyone else been given an ETA? It’s not very professional, to say the least :slight_smile:


Hey @timbo

We do not have any updates regarding the Xero integration at the moment. :cry:

I’m going to open a business account once the Xero integration is live!

And what to link Revolut - Imaginecurve - Xero?

So what’s the latest here? Your website says “Xero connectivity is coming soon”. When is soon?

Hello @iand

I am aware this message been there for a while now. Xero integration, being one of the most requested feature is very important to use and it has to be executed flawlessly. Because of that we would prefer to release complete solution but it takes time.
I do not have any ETA at this point, however release is getting closer, we are working hard to make it happen.