Xero feeds


Just got the email notification that the beta Xero integration appears to be rolling out now (finally!)


That’s good news. How do you sign up for the beta?


I received an email and it appeared in the dashboard under “Connect”.

Only shows up for 1 of my companies though, so I presume it’s a staged rollout.


Haven’t received anything but I’m currently using a personal account, are you already using a business account? Would you mind posting a screenshot of the email here? Have you tested the feed in Xero yet?


Business accounts, here.

Connected yesterday, but no transactions showing up yet (likely because we didn’t have any yesterday).

I believe we ‘registered our interest’ via a form a while back to get access to the Xero integration. That might be why I have it on 1 account but not the other.


How are you getting on with the XERO integration?


Looks like transactions are showing up now. Happy with that!


to avoid uploading transaction files to internet, use desktop CSV2QIF converter at https://www.propersoft.net/products/csv2qif


So this is working now, is it rolled out publicly?


Hi @ROSimba !

Indeed, Xero feed is now available to all active business customers across the platform! :tada:

In case of any concerns, please do not hesitate to hit me up or drop a message via chat!



Hi rafael … I have a business account and indeed received the mail to jopin the beta but now i can not use it and the integration page dos not have Xero as an option to activate ¿?
how can I do it?