Xero feeds


We’ve given up on the Xero integration. Revolut will be just another Yodlee feed


@JamesRevolut It has been 5 months now without any update, what happened to Xero feeds?


What is going on???


Hi @david.ol :wave:

Have you had a chance to try our FreeAgent integration already? You can set it up by heading to Settings :arrow_right: Integrations

FreeAgent is a great alternative to Xero. It provides an amazing online accounting software made specifically for freelancers, small business owners and their accountants.

And here you can vote for your preferred integrations which we wish to implement in the nearest future: https://revolut.typeform.com/to/Yu2OG9

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Hi @olga_revolut,

Can we try to remain on topic please? This thread is about Revolut Bank Feed support for Xero, a feature that was confirmed nearly 6 months ago and was meant to be ready early this year. Since then, there hasn’t been a single update on the progress of this feature.

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Early 2018 is over. So what’s the status?


There are many of us quietly waiting in frustration at the lack of information or progress on xero integration. Meanwhile many new fintech competitors to Revolut are catching up or overtaking. Hurry Up before you lose your advantage, Revolut - Wake up!!


I would also like a Revolut business account, the lack of Xero feed integration is the only thing stopping me.


Same here.

RBS is currently urging a lot of small businesses to move to a different bank before the end of the year.

Revolut would be our first choice, but ONLY if they offer Xero feeds!


@jqb - do you have any suggestions for competitors? I really want to love Revolut, but their staff don’t fill me with confidence. Suggesting Free Agent as a Xero alternative?! I mean, c’mon, who’s willing to move accounting software just because Revolut can’t stick to their own timelines?

They really need a good community manager to sort out comms.


I use a trick with ImagineCurve.

It’s a proxy card that immediately shows all transactions in Xero (including auto-reconciliation) and also shows everything on the app… It’s pretty awesome and also does currency conversion and immediate card blocking for you if you want.

If you want you can also my ref code for a sign up bonus (5 for you, 5 for me). It is X4K6T and or https://bit.ly/1ROtqNF

I am a Head of Finance at a multi-national startup.


I sorry guys but…what is Xero :slight_smile:


@b-powers My brother said that when you use the Curve card your bank statement just says Curve rather than the shop name. Is this true? If so makes it harder to audit?


like paypal they prefix the description with crv* but the rest should be there. unless your bank doesn’t include the description on the statements, which would be pretty lame.


An accounting and reporting webapp/system. Goole them to find out more please.


Maybe that was an earlier version. I can confirm it shows the name of the vendor as well as the linked card number rather than a Curve card in your statement. So no issues with the audit. You can also choose to have transactions go into a holding account that is called ‘Curve Holding Account’ to double-check all of the auto-reconciliation before posting it into your normal transaction feed in Xero. Pretty swift. I’d have preferred if it worked in Revolut though :slight_smile: But they focus on Crypto, Insurance and other personal account features as of January so I guess it will be a while until the relaunch Revolut business with more features. Don’t be angry at them. We’d have done the same based on traction. Just us finance people who were waiting for this are all a bit miffed now. It will come eventually and then we will see if it’s better than the Curve workflow.


Also waiting on the Xero feed. Somewhat concerning to see the updates from Revolut go cold for two months and staff suggesting people switch accounting systems as a ‘solution’. Would appreciate an honest appraisal of if and when it’s going to happen. Thanks


Does Curve bring in Revolut ‘send money’ transactions to counterparties or just ‘card’ transactions. the use of curve with revolut would only be useful to me if it brought in ALL transactions not just card ones or virtual card ones and then syn the lot to xero. I wouldn’t bother getting curve if it only did the card transactions.


at least for freeagent it syncs every complete transaction


After fair bit of searching I just used https://csvconverter.biz successfully to alter the downloaded csv into an ofx. Obviously you have to balance the inherent lack of security with online conversion against the benefit of it being accepted into Xero. There was a bit of fiddling around with the settings, had to ignore a couple of the lines for Xero to accept but it does work.