Xero feeds

Regarding the Xero feeds, I just want to make it clear that this seemed like a promise that these would be provided by now or at least early in 2018. I hope this stays the case. Also, I really hope that Xero feeds do not cost per account. I’m just saying this now just in case you were thinking of charging – because, again, when I signed up it felt like I was signing up to the promise of Xero feeds too as part of the service. Please confirm multi-currency Xero feeds are coming soon and will be free. Thanks!


Hi @dahacouk I can confirm that we are working to get Xero integrated into the product - realistically this will be in early 2018. I realise that for a lot of businesses this is a requirement, so we are doing everything we can to speed this integration process up.

In terms of pricing, I can confirm that there are currently no plans from us to charge for this service.

Thanks for the feedback and for using Revolut for Business,



Is there an update on Revolut-xero / yodlee feeds ?? I really hope this happen very soon!

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any news yet…i have 20 days left before i need to go elsewhere.

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Any update on this, Revolut?

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Any update on this? It’s pretty much a must for me.

Hey @jqb , @pgypps , @Cran and @richardgill

Thank you for your interest. There are no updates yet, unfortunately. Once there will be any news, it will be announced here.

Hi @Oleksii,

@JamesRevolut mentioned early 2018. We’re sort of in early 2018 now, could we have a revised ETA if it’s slipped?


I really don’t understand why Revolut don’t just create a Trello board with planned features, so users know what’s coming down the pipe and (tentatively) when.

I’ve suggested this (along with many others) in the Ideas board. It seems so obvious that I can’t believe it hasn’t been done already. It’d take 10 minutes to get started.

Would save so much frustration and hours of repeatedly answering what must be the same questions, over and over.

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That’s a really good idea! So good it deserves its own topic! I just set it up at:


I also posted Dedicated roadmap / to-do tracking back in December - no word from Revolut yet.

It’d be so easy to implement!

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This was an estimate only. Our team is looking for any workaround. I am afraid, I cannot provide you with more details except that our team is actively working on it.

Thanks Oleksii, would you (or someone from the team) be able to check in with this thread every couple of weeks with updates? Then we can all stop asking.

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@Oleksii ? @richardgill makes a really good point. It’s about managing expectations. What you do is you state that you will post an update in 2 weeks and in 2 weeks you do just that. And if you have nothing to say then you say you’ll post another update in 2 weeks. Yeah? Keep us sweet.

Also, I’m concerned that you say “Our team is looking for any workaround”. That is not adding to my confidence level – as I didn’t know there was an actual problem. What’s the problem?

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It’s been ~2 weeks, so I guess it’s time for me to come back and ask for an update.

The roadmap stuff suggested above would be brilliant!

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@richardgill no updates yet

@Oleksii How about now? Is the feed ready to fly?

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@mariova I am afraid, not yet

Been watching this thread for months. Lack of updates a concern given the expectations set by @JamesRevolut

May we have:

  • Realistic reply on where development is at
  • Will the solution deliver what the community are looking for or will V1 be a work around as suggested by @Oleksii
  • What is the the ETA for deployment

As a general point, customers will be a lot more understanding and supportive if you communicate up front and provide updates if a timeline (that you set) slips.

We’re all on your side and want to further support Revolut but we need Revolut’s support with this.


@colinofv, this is a recurring theme – see my suggestion for a Dedicated Roadmap

Despite some (unconditionally loyal) members noises to the contrary, IMO Revolut would do a lot better if there was some transparency over delivery dates.

Too many things are missing/broken.