Wrong version of Revolut in Testflight [iOS tester]


Version of Revolut in public Appstore is newer (5.5) than version for testers in Testflight (5.4).
I have seen other people complaining about this issue on Twitter too. But I’ve got no reply from you about this on Twitter.



Yes. This is not the first time it happens.
I usually delete the app and install the latest version from the AppStore. When a newer beta is available you can update it form the TestFlight again.


I’ve written an email to beta support about that but no response so far.


I have sent an email back in May regarding this. No answer.


There is a new update in Testflight - 5.6… Finally!


Here we are again. Version of Revolut in AppStore 5.27 and in TestFlight 5.25…



Maybe I was wrong to ask them for beta access :joy:


Hi there! Current testflight version is 5.28 :slight_smile:


Then i need your help. I can see only these versions. It’s kind of weird… :frowning:


I still see 5.25 in Testflight.


The TestFlight version showing for me (iOS) is 5.25.


Hmmm, we will have a look at what’s going on and get back to you guys!

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


Mee too…still 5.25


The same, still 5.25


Hey guys!

Could you please check again now?


5.28 up and running! Thanks.


5.28 now, thanks



Yep. 5.28 now. Thank you!


5.28 now working, many thanks


Looks like 5.28 was just released publicly. A beta test period of half a day doesn’t make much sense IMHO.