Wrong transfer

Hi, I made a transfer of an amount to your bank account. Today I understand that the invoice is fake and the customer is not in your account. Please tell me how to get my money back. The translation was made by a bank in Germany. Please for your prompt reply.

You wired from your Revolut account to a German bank? When did you place that transaction?

The amount is translated from a commerzbank hamburger (my account) to a revolute account (not my account).
The translation was made in early April.

So you wired funds from your bank account to Revolut?

I am not sure if they can do anything in that case, as the transaction itself was authorised by you. Your first point of contact should be your bank and subsequently possibly the responsible authorities.

We need to contact a revolute bank because we think the money is staying blocked in London because there is a discrepancy between the recipient’s bank account and the payee’s name. There is no recipient with such a name in a revolute bank.

We? Who is we?

The money was legitimately wired to Revolut. They cant revert any transactions without proper documents. You need to contact your bank and possibly the authorities.

I’m sorry, I meant, I.
How to contact a revolute bank to tell us what documents they need.

You need to contact YOUR bank, not Revolut.

There were several cases where a fraudster claimed being from Revolut and sent out invoices for stuff like graphics cards, if I remember this correctly.

If you believe this transaction was fraud, ask Commerzbank to identify the owner of the IBAN you sent the money to. And file charges at the Police. Only with an official charge, the bank of the receiver will cooperate.

Yes, I’m 100% sure this is a scam. Because the recipient today told me he has no account in a revolute bank.
Is there a chance to get my money? The amount is great!

Well, yes. There might. First, go to the police. And then Commerzbank can investigate. Every account holder of an IBAN has to be registered with a financial service provider somewhere. But Commerzbank and the sender’s bank have of course to be convinced that this was fraud.

No offence, but the steps have been laid out so far three times.

In one of our letters, hackers say the following: “…our bank is not permitted to credit our bank account…”
In your opinion, is this possible: revolute bank does not allow money to the bill?
They asked me the following: “…Please we kindly request you to kindly ask your bank to send a memo to our bank to release payment…” Accordingly, I did not provide such a document.

It is fairly irrelevant what it says in of their “documents”. If you believe you have wired funds to a wrong account you first contact your own bank and subsequently, if necessary, authorities. Please contact your bank now, for the fifth time.

Talk to Commerzbank. They usually have a very good customer support and they know what to do.

I talk with Commerzbank.After two days answer is " Sorry ,we must connect with Revolut.

I try 5 hour to make a connect with Revolut help center . I can not make .Whyyyyyy???

You mean the in app chat? (The help center is the FAQ part of their website)

Write them everything you think that they need to help you with your inquiry (not just “hello, I need help” or something like this). Rita, the bot, then most likely says that she can’t handle this and that she will forward you to an agent.

Once the agent gets assigned to your case after a waiting period (there might be a waiting line), its best when they have as much as possible details already availabe to help you out. This way, you can avoid endless back and forth communication just to get it started.

If you’ve got the feeling that you’re stuck with a bot, try to type “live agent”. If you think you’re in an endless loop, type “resolved”.

You could also check if you’re using the latest app version. Or log out and in again. Sometimes it’s juts a bug that could be resolved with that.

And: try to contact them via Twitter as well. This might speed things up.

Sorry, my fault, again. I forgot that you’re not a Revolut customer, right? This case again. If you think it helps, we can switch this conversation to German?

This is what I understand:

You fell for an online shopping fraud. Someone sent you an invoice with an account no. showing an account that happens to be a Revolut account. You made a transfer to this account, assuming it was a ledgit transaction.

So, when you would be able to contact Revolut, what do you think they would say? They can’t tell you the name of the account holder or just send you back the money because you say so. From the perspective of the receiver’s bank, the transfer was ledgit, because you did it voluntarily.

So what Revolut might be willing to do is this: If you make your case, they might contact the recipient and might ask him to revert the money back to you. This is what one would do if one would mistakenly transfer money to a wrong account no, because of a typo or something. But in this case, you’re dealing with fraud. So the receiver most likely is not going to send you your money back, right?

This is what I would do: get in contact with Revolut on Twitter. Explain your case, ask them to assist you in forwarding you to the relevant team.

Having said this: you should seek legal advice and report this to police. Only if you do that, you have legal leverage. Only then, Revolut can’t refuse to investigate this.

Yes this is my case. They stole an invoice from my computer and put a fake account on which I transferred the money.
You have understood me correctly.
I will seek to find Revolut’s servant in a twitter.