Wrong transaction location

I have been using Revolut for the past few months, while traveling, and it’s awesome!
I especially love the Analytics tab, but… sometimes it shows me some incorrect data and I would love to be able to change it myself.
I am in Indonesia right now and the location has been incorrect on at least 2 transactions, showing that it happened in the USA.
Same thing for cash transfers: I am traveling with a friend and sometimes transfering cash through Revolut. But in the analytics it says that the cash transfer happened in our home country (France).
Is there anything that could be done? Adding the possibility of manually changing the location myself would be awesome! It would be great if I could decide myself where I want the transaction to show.


Hmm the location should be correct as we use this information! Have you contacted us on our support chat so we can take a look?

No, as I said, the location is not correct. Even though, as you said it, it “should be”.
I have contacted the support chat, and they are “looking into it”. But it’s been 2 weeks…

It’s possible that sometimes the terminal location is registered under something slightly different. Especially if this is a transaction at a larger chain or an international one based somewhere else.

Yes. I understand.
What about transfer to a friend? Could it be possible to change the location myself?

Are you referring to a transfer out of your Revolut account to a friend’s bank account? When you enter the account details you can select the location of where the funds are going.

No. From Revolut to Revolut

What do you mean by change the location of an internal transfer? It should just go directly from one Revolut account to another. There will be no location listed as with a card transaction.

Yes there is a location appearing on the transfer. It is from my home country “France”.
So in my analytics it just appears as if the transfer happened in France. And it would be nicer if it appeared in the country where i actually made it (Indonesia). It would make my analytics more clear and help me see exactly how much money I spent in total in that country.
Hope my message is clear

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Gotcha, this will list under France as the account is registered there and it’s an internal transfer. But I will certainly pass on this feedback!

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Hi, sorry to resurrect an old thread (i’m unable to create a new one).
I am having the same issue. The most bizarre one a few weeks ago when i bought a meal in a pub in Wales the transaction location was correct, but then 20-30 minutes later in exactly the same pub i bought a drink and that transaction showed as a pub in Outer London!! The transaction amounts are correct, but the location differences (in this case around 200 miles) are still worrying.