wrong payment reference in Swift or local transfers causes big problems (not in SEPA transfer)

Hello Team Revolut and Community,

unfortunately i’ve got big problems at sending money via SWIFT or local transfers in currencies different from EUR (SEPA is not affected) the first time.
F.e. i made a SWIFT transfer to a collective account of a company , which had stated that the payment reference has to be a special series of digits or has to start at least with this for automatically processing and allocating the amount to an intern account of my own with this company. But Revolut sets a string like “From .” to the beginning of the payment reference, then following with the origin reference provided, which I can edit in “Notiz hinzufügen” (German) in the app. Why does Revolut do this? This simple thing led to a situation, where I have a lot of trouble and effort and my money has got stuck in ‘Nirwana’ since several weeks.
As f.e. I have another account with another company, which states that the payment reference has to be composed of a special string, and that means exactly and not anything else, I cannot initiate this kind of transfer, because this would lead to the same ‘Nirwana’ situation or the wire would be sent back.
As my intention was to do more transfers of this kind in the future and I therefore made an upgrade to premium account to get these executed faster, I have big regrets about my decision at the moment.

  1. Have anybody else in the community problems due to this issue too?

Dear Revolut team, please don’t leave me out in the rain!
For me this issue with the payment reference is much more a bug than a feature …
It should be simple to change this, as you do this not in SEPA transfers or is there any legal necessity to do this? My proposal is, you may only set this ‘From .’ , if payment reference provided by the sender is empty or let it empty then anyway, but otherwise please transmit exactly the reference provided and nothing else.

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Hi, let me say that I did not write ‘From .’ in the post originally, but “system” has interpreted and swallowed some special signs in the post. More precisely Revolut sets a ‘From account holder name.’ to the beginning of the payment reference …

Yes. I can see that in most circumstances, this is in the best interest of the customer since the money won’t be sent from an account in the customer’s name. They probably added this due to customer feedback (it wasn’t like this months ago, if I remember correctly), causing other customers trouble.

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Hi there. Really sorry to hear that. Are you able to send me a direct message so that I can take a closer look into your query?

@Frank seems for me the origin of the issue is Please block transfers without a reference

@AndreasK hello, seems for me the origin of the issue is Please block transfers without a reference

@Frank thankyou for fast rsponding. How can I send a direct message within this system or do you mean simply via normal reply button? Or would i be better via email? best regards que_sera_sera
@ Frank on cannot see that you are from team Revolut unfortunately

@AndreaK Thankyou for fast responding. How can I send a direct message within this system or do you mean simply via normal reply button? Or would it be better via email? best regards que_sera_sera

I am just a user like you. I am not Revolut staff.

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Press on my name and then “Message”!

I have the same problem but also with SEPA , I want to pay bills and Have to add a certain reference numer but revolut changes my reference to “FROM MY NAME” this occurs everytime, and it dosent matter what external account I transfer to It is the same “FROM MY NAME”
Since this occurs, I cant pay bills. I have both Monese and Transferwise, both of them let me type the exact referenc I want. Don’t understand Why Revolut changes this? It is essential for banking business to be able to write a certain reference. When talking to customer support they say that Your reference is just a comment on the transfer and that the App automatic write the reference FROM MY NAME … I am very dissapointed, this is very concerned and Now I have to transfer from REVOLUT to TRANSFERWISE just for sending a payment with a correct reference, this is not working in the long run.

yes very annoying … and even more annoying, if they added this “feature” due to client proposal most probably a few months ago …

It is essential for us customers to be able to put a reference on our payments, I cant pay bills and I cant use it as my everyday banking because of this. This should revolut put an effort to fix.

seems they have terminated it to nevermas …

Hi andreas K,

I have a problem regarding my SEPA transfer from germany to my revolut bank account. and None of live agent is available for an imidiate support. This is really stressful

Hi there. As I can see the transfer was assigned in your account.