Wrong merchant names in transaction history

I observed that some of my transactions have a weird or incorrect merchant name despite having the right name in the beginning.
For example, a transaction by Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) initially showed correctly but now, it is labelled “Niebüll”.
Also, transactions at the canadian supermarket chain “Metro” are now labelled “Metro Toronto Convention Centre” in my app which is just wrong. However, they are still categorized in the Food/Grocery Category.
Is there a way to change this or to report incorrect merchant names?


Do you use Curve to pay or do you use the cards from revolut?

Happened to me before too - Wrong country name for transaction in analytics

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Every time I use curve, revolut flags the transaction as suspicious and block my revolut card. Pretty annoying.

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hmm. :woozy_face:
And what do you do then? Contact in-app support every time?

No, there is a pop up message with “yes, i did the transaction” and “no, i did not.”

Choosing yes and the card unblocks instantly, otherwise they remove your card completely. Unfortunately you have to do the transaction all over again if you are choosing yes.

So, you repeat the process every time the crv* code changes

@AndreasK would you be able to make reporting incorrect merchant data within the app a priority? Preferably where we would get feedback that it’s been looked into, and a reason why it hasn’t been changed (if it hasnt been changed!)

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Where does revolut take the merchant name from?
All my other cards are showing the correct name, but revolut shows something weird (e.g.: cash withdrawnal at Migros Florissimo (flower store) instead of Postfinance).

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Still 90% of merchant names are just wrong (or are correct at the beginning but changed to something wrong after a few days).

Please, revolut, fix that

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Should be this:

Yes, happened to me after a long time.