Wrong IBAN displayed under top up option

I am completely new to Revolut. My first fund (in CHF destined to CHF account) transfer turned out to be a disaster as it arrived in a GBP account which I have not even opened or activated inside the app up to this point. I confirmed that the IBAN I entered during the transfer was in fact the GBP “pooled” one.

However, I believe that I have been shown the wrong IBAN when topping up under the topup -> via bank transfer option. Has anyone had a similar experience? Could this be a bug?

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Hi there. As you used our GBP pooled account details, you received funds in GBP. All the currency account details are available for you to view them any time in the Account Manager section of the app. In the future please use the details you see under “CHF.”

Thank you for responding.

After a fresh App Install and account setup I only had ONE account activated in the App. This was a CHF account. I got the IBAN following the top-up button in this CHF account. At this point in time I had not activated or seen a GBP or any other account in the account manager.

The only way I could have gotten hold of the pooled GBP IBAN is if it was wrongfully displayed in the CHF account.

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Hi @niel

I would recommend you to read this topic: SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods, you can directly go to the lasts discussions, talking about UBS, Transferwise, Postfinance…
They don’t have Swiss IBAN yet so it’s not that easy for Swiss users of Revolut.

Good luck


the same thing happened to me, so this is definitely a bug (a costly one). I had also just installed Revolut and had opened two accounts, one in EUR and another in CHF. I used the IBAN displayed in the CHF top-up menu, and the money arrived in an automatically created GBP account in GBP. I later confirmed that the IBAN I was given corresponded to the one now shown in the GBP top-up menu, and the IBAN in the CHF account had changed to one I had never seen.

There is no other way I could know about the GBP IBAN, since I didn’t have a GBP account, and I didn’t copy the IBAN number from anywhere else. In this process I lost at least 60€. I think Revolut should take responsibility for this bug and solve it.

A costly bug indeed. I am still in the process of trying to get a refund. If I have any luck I will report back here.