Wrong FX-Rate Brunei Dollar


Support not able to help. Was charged for 1 Burnei Dollar EUR 1.21 instead of EUR 0.63!! Issue now pending for 3 weeks!


Hello, are you able to provide more information ?

It was a cash withdraw ? Merchant transactions ? Online transaction ?

A screenshot of the transaction maybe ?


2 merchant transactions on June 24…
FX rate in the app is now displayed correctly… actually it should be the exact same rate as SGD


So everything is fine after all ?


no it is not. my account is still charged with the wrong amount. But Revolut is not able to correct this… don’t ask me why.


OK, are you sure it wasn’t due to DCC scam ? Can you share a screenshot of the transactions details ?


Yes, I am sure - no scam. Already discussing with support. Was just more wondering if anybody else is facing the same issue with BND transactions.

As said, this is now pending for 3 weeks… support telling me they are working on it?! Asking myself what they are doing… it is crystal clear what is wrong.


OK, then good luck with :r: support.