Wrong currency transfer

Hello Community and Revolut Team.

Today someone initiated a wire transfer in GBP toward My Revolut account number which is in USD.

Question : Will the GBP wire get bounced once it reaches my USD acc? Will it be automatically converted GBP>USD?

Having hard time getting in touch with the Live chat, how can I make Revolut Team aware so they won’t decline the wire? (have written the story they live chat but no answer so far…)

Many thanks


Which details did you provide to the sender? Local, SWIFT…?

SWIFT And actually all details listed in the app for the USD account. Do you know if GBP wire can be cleared by Revolut even if it reach an USD account?

This is what the FAQs say:

You must select the correct currency in the app, as the transfer might not arrive if it’s in a different currency to that of the destination Revolut account.

Since it’s most likely not Revolut that is either accepting or declining an incoming transfer but their banking partner Lloyds, all you can do is probably wait?

The person used swift +sort code to process the USD transfer. Do you think Revolut system will convert the wire from GBP to USD automatically?

TIA for precious help/advice

Revolut works with banking partners here, funds were sent to a Lloyds account in the wrong currency. If exchange will happen, it will be done by Lloyds to their rate and they even might apply a fee.

(That’s what happens if someone sends EUR to the GBP IBAN, for example.)