Wrong currency being charged


If I hand my Revolut card to a merchant in Dublin, and the card is “tapped”, that is payment by tap-and-go, the transaction is done correctly in Euro.
However if the merchant puts the card into the terminal so that I have to put in my pin number, and then the merchant puts in the correct Euro amount, that is being automatically changed to GBP and then back to Euro - so €13 became a debit of €13.85 to my Revolut account. WHY IS THIS? And how do I stop it ?



It is NOT the merchant. Read my original post. Merchant is inputting
correct euro amount. Merchant was completely unaware of issue - it
happened automatically. So, now deal with my questions. Why? AND


That’s an idea that Revolut have obviously not taken up . How do I get Revolut to comment - since they ignored your suggestion !


Are you sure that terminal used by merchant not doing DCC automatically ?


You should always ensure the merchant is charging you in the local currency. It sounds like they are not treating the card like a local currency card in this case, could be a terminal setting.

Can you please reach out on support chat so we can take a look?


Had a long chat today with Aleksandra today and will follow her advice. The problem seems to be that because the card is based in the UK, the Irish terminals think that the base currency is GBP, which it is not (my base currency is euro). So I will have to get the merchant to change that to local currency, which is in fact my base currency. Otherwise the terminal changes the 13euro to GBP, and then changes it back again, hence someone makes a lot of easy money. And as usual that is the BANK, not the merchant. Don’t forget it is the Bank who provide the terminal.

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