Wrong Currency Account Used

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Thank you for raising this query with us. Here are a few things to note with regards to your inquiry :

  • Revolut card spends money in the currency you set for it (if any)
  • If you haven’t set a spending currency, it uses:
  1. The currency you’re paying with.
  2. Base currency (GBP)
  3. Any other active currency with enough balance (it will convert automatically, so check the fees).

Payment amount cannot be charged from several currency accounts at the same time, even if the total across wallets is enough.

To avoid charges in a specific currency, keep a low balance or disable the currency account by tapping the three dots button below your balance and selecting ‘hide’. Home currency cannot be deactivated.

If you were charged in a different currency than expected, it may be due to Dynamic Currency Conversion. Read more about DCC here.

For more details on spending in currencies click here.

Hope this helps. :sunflower:

Veda | Community team

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