Wrong country name in stats



I’m actually traveling for a long period and I use my Revolut card a lot. But I’ve noticed that there are some wrong countries name on my stats. Like one my withdrawal from Vientiane (Laos) is shown as USA.

I can understand that the country name may be based on IP address or some other information within the transactions, but it would be nice to allow users to change the location of transactions. I actually use stats a lot to know where and how I’m spending money, that helps me for budgets.


Have that all been transactions with a card in a physical store?
If not, Are you sure that the actual point of sales was in the USA? I mean if you perform some online transactions the shop is located in a different country and therefor shows up with that location.


It was in physical POS (restaurant, coffee shop and even ATM)


indeed they should be shown correctly