Wrong country name for transaction in analytics


Today I did go to local eatery (revolut categorizes it as restaurant) and paid with revolut Visa card.

To my surprise I later discovered that in Revolut app this transaction shows as happened in another country - (Lithuania), which is of course not true. Also merchant name is wrong, but it does show correct Merchant name in “Accounts” tab where I can see my latest transactions, only in “Analytics” tab its wrongly named.

I have been to this place also in past and all previous times it was correctly shown in my own country, which is not Lithuania !

I use Revolut 4.16.0 on Android.
Since there is not favourable app design changes I dont want to upgrade to latest version.

p.s. Also since this latest infamous payment disruption revolut had with their payment processor I have noticed some weirdness in contactless payments. Maybe its pure random weirdness, but thing is now it seems that most contactless transactions take longer time to process and sometimes card does not get connection or something (I dont know technical details) and cashier have to try another time, when it usually works, if not contactless, then PIN method.

Could it be possible that after payment disruption something was changed from revolut’s payment processor side (maybe some things didn’t get configured as it were previously?)

p.s. Does somebody know where is contactless chip exactly physically located in revolut card? Is it directly under contactless sign or somewhere else?

Wrong merchant names in transaction history

NFC chip is basically a bunch of coils going around around the side of the card, meeting at the chip part. So if you cut into the card for 1cm you will lose the feature. (Been there done that, I’ve sat on my bank card and nfc was not working,hahaha)


Sorry, but in that case I’d say upgrade :slight_smile:

Unless you can reproduce it on 5.4 its not a bug.


I’ve had the same with transactions showing as the wrong location/country on my push notifications and analytics.

For example, A recently purchased flight with Air Malta shows as being located in Jerusalem, Israel. Support seem unconcerned or unable to explain properly why that is. I wonder whether Revolut’s merchant database has become corrupted.

I’m on the latest version of iOS and Revolut 5.4


I have had the same problem on iOS Revolut 5.4


I believe potentially this can cause problems - might trigger some settings and block things if purchases with card “jump” from country to country in short timespan.


Fair enough. Initially I thought it maybe could have been some Israelian intermediate payment processor but Had Peami seems to be a shopping centre in Jerusalem. I dont think Air Malta will route their payments via a shopping centre :wink:

So yeah, probably a bug if you have it on 5.4 too. I’d still recommend an update to 5.4 though.


I experienced before that a payment to bwin was first UK (I think I remember) and switched to Gibraltar days later. (ElectraWorks Limited Suite 6, Atlantic Suites, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar)

I do not think that’s done by :r: but any database service.


Possibly, still a bug somewhere though :slight_smile: