Wrong account top-up


Greetings grom Greece. On 12th Feb I sent 250 euros to Barcley’s bank, in order to top-up my Revolut Card. When I noticed that the money didn’t show up in the card, I realised that Revolut has changed bank. I contacted my bank (AtticaBank) and they told me that the transaction is completed. If there is no Revolut account in Barcley’s bank, who is the beneficiary that got my money? If they haven’t been collected how can we cancel the transaction? Thank you in advance


If the bank account does not exists then it will be returned automatically. It can take up to 10 days or something. But i would talk to you bank and get them to do a chargeback.

Maybe this article can help you https://www.businesstoday.in/money/banking/what-if-you-transfer-money-to-a-wrong-bank-account/story/232449.html


Even if Revolut does not use that account for top ups/ pooled accounts, might still be the legal user for a time (especially for cases like this).


My problem is how to find them in order to inform about the problem. My bank said that the account seems to be active, so I need somebody from Revolut to see if the money are there and put them in my card.


Then you need to contact the in app chat :slight_smile:


I did and I’m waiting for a reply… Thanks everybody


Be sure you write live agent otherwise Rita is gonna flirt with you and ask out for a date but in any case, won’t help :laughing: