Wrong account number - No answer in chat... - NEED HELP !!


Dear all,

I wanted to send money from my traditional bank to my Revolut Account for the first time.
Unfortunately, my banker made a mistake in my account number…
How should I do to find a solution ? Nobody answers me in the chat…

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Hey, you should contact your banker and have them do a callback of the funds. Revolut can’t really do anything in this case.


“Simple” mistakes in account numbers should be picked up by checksum validation- the actual transfer should not be executed by your bank at all.

If it actually was executed, it means that the mistake was not that trivial… Definitely start with the bank where you ordered the transfer and request its cancellation.

Revolut can only help if you know for sure they recieved the money- which as this point is highly unlikely.


Thanks for your answers guys !
My bank has just told me that it will take a long time to callback the funds so I try to find another solution.
I know that the IBAN in the good one, only my Revolut account number in incorrect. Therefore the funds should be somewhere on a Revolut account no?


Unfortunately there is nothing :r: can do. If your bank has sent a payment to an incorrect account then they will have to recall the payment.
Even if the money has gone to a different :r: account then :r: will not be able to give out financial information for the other account or reverse payment at your request.