Worst support ever



I have transferred 155 EUR to my revolut account, which were not accepted, as the account is unverified.

After I learned about it I contacted Revolut support and asked your employees to transfer the money back to my account. Namely, I did it A MONTH AGO!! And, guess what, the money is still stuck in my Revolut account, without me being able to anyhow use it!

The replies that I am getting from support team are highly UNQUALIFIED, and signal that no one even reads what the problem is and no one wants to deal with the issue.

Please deal with this issue asap.

Thank you and kind regards,


I understand your frustration. I recommend reaching the support team via Twitter (@RevolutApp) or via Facebook (https://facebook.com/revolutapp) until Revolut fixes the issues :slight_smile:


Hello @dmikh

Let me express our apologies for any inconvenience caused. I have reverted the transfer back to your account. Please allow 5 working days to get in your bank account.


Andreas K.


Thanks a lot, Andreas! Appreciate your help a lot.


Hi Andreas,

Could you please check the issue again, as I haven’t yet received any transfer! Really, it’s been 2.5 months since I can’t get the money back!